Welcome to my homepage. For now this is mostly a collection of biographical tidbits and links.

My name is Vipul Ved Prakash. I grew up in Delhi, India and have lived in San Francisco since 2001.

I was one of the early users of Internet in India and a frequent contributor to computer magazines like PC Quest. I've operated since 1997 in various forms, and it has hosted: a proper homepage, a crypto software archive called munitions, the backend for Vipul's Razor, IRC servers for different projects, and a bevy of mailing lists and websites.

I am a Perl Hacker, and author of open-source libraries for Perl. I also wrote RSA in Perl, with the code formatted in the shape of a dolphin and was printed on t-shirts by ThinkGeek and others.

I like to read, especially science fiction. Here's a list of some of my favorite books and movies.

I've been posting photos on Instagram and links on Twitter for a while.

I wrote Vipul's Razor and founded two companies, Cloudmark and Topsy.

I have a professional profile on LinkedIn and there's also a page on Wikipedia about me.

The best way to reach me is to send email to vipulved at gmail dot com.